Sometime you have to just roll with it

Sadder Days

I guess shit happens and life goes on whether or not your ready to move on and maybe I dwell on things a little too long but in these past years nothing had been more real to me, and when we split I wont lie my heart ripped and when I thought I found someone who could almost fill the void and there were hints of fowel play but my nieave ways didn’t allow me to foresee what pain was to come and devour what was left of my faint heart and when ppl came close I subconsciously found ways to keep them at arms length and even when I thought I was ready to be in a serious relationship again my feelings were played like a game of ping pong back and forth not really getting to deep but trying to fall as deep as I could but even a hope of one can be put to death by another and even in that short time I now know I may be permanently damaged good all shiny on the outside but things are surely loose and misplaced on the inside….

As long as I have a “teen” at the end of my age I’m liable to have some immature times

Love is lost in the hearts of lost lovers and lovers are lost from the lack of love…